Fighting Disinformation

We are a digital observatory that monitors and analyzes socio-political conversation, mainly Venezuelan, through the trends positioned on Twitter.

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We developed a technological tool directly connected to the Twitter API

We are passionate about strategic communication and access to verified information. Through the observatory we monitor the digital conversation, making visible and denouncing disinformation in Venezuela and Latin America, generating content to educate people on how to fight it.



Resistance online: Nicaraguan civil society against Ortega’s “Peace Law”

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How do we study the digital conversation?

We identify 5 main actors within the Venezuelan sociopolitical conversation on Twitter who promote the most relevant trending topics each month

  • Officialism


    It groups the tendencies linked to the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

  • Opposition


    This category includes the hashtags promoted by the main actors of the Venezuelan opposition.

  • Civil Society

    Civil Society

    Trends related to activism and digital protest for service failures, human rights, economy, gasoline, education, health, etc., by citizens, NGO, and organized unions.

  • Anonymous Networks

    Anonymous Networks

    Trends positioned by user networks with no verifiable identity and inauthentic behavior.

  • Others


    In this category we group the tendencies of various actors of the Venezuelan digital conversation that do not necessarily respond to the previous categories.

Our latest findings

Resistance online: Nicaraguan civil society against Ortega’s “Peace Law”

The answer for 2018 is a “Peace Law”.

#LupaElectoral: Debunking online disinformation ahead of Venezuela’s elections

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Misogyny advances in the shadow of social media trends

Internet fuels new forms of misogyny

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