Coalición Informativa against disinformation is born in Venezuela

Coalición Informativa against disinformation is born in Venezuela

Published on 15 Nov 2022

A team made up of digital media, information verifiers and civil society organizations join forces to expose those who misinform, produce false news and sow uncertainty in the country.

Two digital news media, a fake news checker and two organizations dedicated to communication decided to join forces in Venezuela and have formed a team with the objective of confronting disinformation. They have created La Coalición Informativa (C-Informa).

Medianálisis, Efecto Cocuyo, El Estímulo, Cazadores de Fake News and ProBox with the support of Consorcio para Apoyar el Periodismo Independiente en la Región (CAPIR) and the advice of Chequeado from Argentina and DataCrítica from Mexico are the ones who make up C-Informa which will produce informative contents to make known how disinformation (false, falsified information, malicious information, hoaxes) operates in Venezuela; who is behind this phenomenon and how it affects Venezuelans who are already suffering a complex humanitarian crisis, with allegations of violations of the right to freedom of expression and the disappearance of media outlets.

C-Informa will present a series of individual investigations and under group collaboration that will disseminate the structure, strategy and digital tools used by different actors in the country to divert or confuse the attention of Venezuelans on political, economic, social and cultural issues among others. These publications will be made in each web portal of the participating media.

Andrés Cañizález, director of Medianálisis, entity that editorially coordinates the nascent coalition, details that this is the first time in Venezuela a group of journalists, engineers, communication experts and political scientists form a team to analyze, alphabetize and explain the impact generated by fake news and disinformation provocateurs.

“Citizens in Venezuela are more and more victims of disinformation every day, whether due to State censorship of traditional or digital media, the forced disappearance of dozens of newspapers and radios or simply because that is what the different factors of power want, and this is the main reason for The Informative Coalition: to make known how certain actors in the country are producers, distributors and actors of false, ill-intentioned or confusing news in order to promote their different interests” detailed part of the mission and vision that this journalistic project has.

C-Informa will start publishing its investigative works as of November 15, 2022. They will include both investigative journalistic publications and the dissemination of information in different digital formats so that the Venezuelan population can easily access this type of content and thus fulfill the main pillar of this project.

The organizations and media grouped in C-Informa have defined that they will analyze how the different disinformative machines work in Venezuela, and will also analyze trends, moments and news events that are surrounded by disinformation and that for this reason may end up affecting the country’s inhabitants in their decision making, optics of the country’s situation or ways of giving their opinion.

With journalistic strength

C-Informa counts on the journalistic strength of the Consortium to Support Independent Journalism in the Region (CAPIR), which will develop its first project to fight against disinformation in the country after experiences in Mexico, Honduras and Bolivia. CAPIR is an initiative of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

CAPIR starts working in Venezuela with this group of media to fulfill one of its priority issues, which is the fight against disinformation, thus taking another step forward in its efforts to strengthen the media in Latin America and the Caribbean to combat the growing threats to independent journalism.

In addition to the support, CAPIR was in charge of reinforcing the Venezuelan team with the experiences of the professionals of Chequeado from Argentina and DataCrítica from Mexico.

Chequeado will be C-Informa’s advisor when it comes to disseminating each of the contents. With all their journalistic practices, the Argentines will accompany the Venezuelans in the different dissemination processes with the goal that the works have a massive reach, that they are attractive to all audiences and that they contribute effectively to the objective of confronting disinformation.

DataCrítica will be in charge of guiding all the members of the nascent coalition in the search for and presentation of data. With different techniques, they will provide the team with ways to search for data, process it and disseminate it in order to understand how the phenomenon of disinformation works in Venezuela.

Through this coalition, Medianálisis, Efecto Cocuyo, El Estímulo, Cazadores de Fake News and ProBox hope to make a significant contribution to the fight against fake news, malicious news, hoaxes, opacity and to assert the human right to be informed and freedom of expression.

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