Fake News, Trolls, Astroturfing? Learn more about these and other concepts in the Disinformation Glossary.

Fake News, Trolls, Astroturfing? Learn more about these and other concepts in the Disinformation Glossary.

Published on 29 Nov 2022

The Coalición Informativa, a media team formed by Venezuelan journalists, created a Glossary of terms related to Disinformation that compiles words and definitions related to fake news and the use of modern and digital techniques that influence society.

As part of its work to counteract disinformation in Venezuela, the Information Coalition (C-Informa) publishes the Glossary of terms related to Disinformation, a document that seeks to compile, define and clarify the main terms used in the disinformation environment, in order to generate from there a conversation about this phenomenon that is intensifying day by day.

Although it is something that has always existed in the world, the amount of disinformation and the speed with which it travels through digital environments is so high that it becomes necessary, if not essential, that as citizens we turn on the alarms to be aware of the disinformative sources that can come from multiple channels and that seek to generate a direct influence on individual thinking, and consequently, in the construction of society.

As the greatest battle that can be fought to combat disinformation is precisely knowledge, it is important that citizens handle the terms associated with the processes of disinformation in order to be aware of the truthfulness or otherwise of the content they consume on a daily basis. For this reason, the Coalición Informativa (C-Informa) presents to the public the Glossary of terms related to Disinformation.

This glossary is part of the communicational products made by the Coalición Informativa (C-Informa), a media alliance dedicated to produce informative contents to make known how disinformation (false, falsified information, malicious information, hoaxes) operates in the country.

C-Informa is a coalition formed by Medianálisis, Efecto Cocuyo, El Estímulo, Cazadores de Fake News and ProBox, with the support of Consorcio para Apoyar el Periodismo Independiente en la Región (CAPIR) and the advice of Chequeado from Argentina and DataCrítica from Mexico.

What will you find in the Glossary of terms related to Disinformation?

The glossary presented by C-Informa contains the basic concepts used to define disinformation processes, the actors that influence them, the mechanisms and ways used to manipulate information, as well as the agents linked to digital activism that seek to counteract disinformation.

The Glossary of terms related to Disinformation is divided into five blocks in which we try to group similar concepts or concepts that may belong to the same branch within the disinformation process. The blocks of concepts are presented as follows:

  • First block: Evil/Mis/Disinformation vs. “Fake News”.
  • Second Block: Spam and Fake Accounts
  • Third Block: How is information manipulated?
  • Fourth Block: Digital World
  • Fifth Block: Digital Activism

After reading and handling the basic concepts included in the Glossary of terms related to Disinformation, C-Informa hopes that citizens can have better protection against false, falsified information, malicious information, and hoaxes that circulate in a hyperconnected world.

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