DemoAmLat: Magazine “Challenges of Democracy in Latin America”.

DemoAmLat: Magazine “Challenges of Democracy in Latin America”.

Published on 07 Feb 2023

DemoAmLat presents its 42nd edition of the magazine "Challenges of Democracy in Latin America" (DDA) with articles from countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

The following articles were presented in the 42nd edition of DemoAmlat magazine:

  • Electoral observation in Latin America, a practice of democratic transcendence. By Juan Ulloa (Dominican Republic).
  • On the International Day of Democracy. By Constanza Mazzina (Argentina).
  • “There is a need for policies that are authentically and simultaneously democratic and socialist”. By Armando Chaguaceda (Mexico).
  • The vote of the security forces in Latin American elections. By Leandro Querido (Argentina).
  • Here we all vote! Emergence of protocols that promote the right to vote for trans people in Latin America. By Narda Carranza Pinedo (Peru).
  • Female procrastination: Legislative political participation at the subnational level. The cases of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe (1983-2022). By Fanny Natalí Maidana and María Emilia Perri (Argentina).
  • Latin American Authoritarianism in the digital space: the case of Cuba. By Observatorio Digital Probox.
  • Interview: Family Code in Cuba: an opportunity “to pretend democracy, to pretend to be a government interested in the popular will”.
  • Can citizen participation democratize Cuba? By Yanina Welp (Argentina).
  • Electoral participation in the first Revocation of Mandate held in Mexico: mobilization of President AMLO’s base? By Hector Duarte Ortiz (Mexico).

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