Diario de Cuba: DemoAmlat and ProBox present pre-election report on the Family Code Referendum

Diario de Cuba: DemoAmlat and ProBox present pre-election report on the Family Code Referendum

Published on 07 Feb 2023

DemoAmLat and ProBox Pre-Election Report Presentation for Diario de Cuba

On September 7, DemoAmlat, Electoral Transparency and the ProBox Observatory presented through the Diario de Cuba platform the 1st pre-electoral report on the Referendum of the Family Code of Cuba, which gives an account of the conditions under which it will be held on September 25.

For this presentation, Jesús Delgado Valery, Coordinator of DemoAmLat, and María Virginia Marín, Executive Director of Observatorio ProBox will be talking about the context of Cuba facing the Referendum and how the inclination towards “Yes” and “No” has been reflected in the monitoring of the socio-political conversation on Twitter Cuba.

Below is the full presentation broadcast through Diario de Cuba’s YouTube channel:

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