Opposition primaries achieved organic trending position on Twitter

Opposition primaries achieved organic trending position on Twitter

Published on 21 Feb 2023

PoliTwitter Venezuela from February 13 to 19, 2023

  • 16 socio-political trends were positioned on Twitter in Venezuela totaling around 10,428,539 tweets.
  • Once again, the ruling party almost completely dominated the conversation with 14 trends that generated 99.94% of the week’s messages.

During the week of February 13-19, the tags promoted by the Venezuelan Ministry of Communication and Information (MIPPCI) were not only present in the conversation on Twitter, but were positioned every day as a trend, overshadowing the salary protests and the opposition’s primary schedule.

As it has been happening for years, the government’s coordinated campaign dominated the conversation on Twitter this week, albeit inorganically. The 14 trends promoted by the government generated a volume of inauthentic messages, coming from automated accounts, which exceeded 95% in most cases.

Despite the inorganic messages from chavismo, this week the opposition managed to promote some trends about the primaries next October 22: #LaPrimariaVa and #Primaria22OCT.

We tell you what happened

On Wednesday, February 15, the National Commission for the Primary Election of the Venezuelan opposition met and set the date to choose a single leader for the 2024 presidential elections.

The date of the primaries was set for October 22 and the candidates will run between May and June.

Both on February 15 (date of the announcement) and on February 16, the Unitary Platform was able to position trends on the opposition primaries:

15Feb: #LaPrimariaVa with 90.04% of its messages made by real users.

16Feb: #Primary22OCT with 77.67% of its messages made by real users.

What trends did the chavista machinery drive?

The trends of the week were basically divided into those promoted by MIPPCI and those promoted by governmental entities. However, all of them agree in their high percentage of disorganization.

In the case of MIPPCI, the tags basically covered two topics: sanctions and carnivals. With inorganic percentages higher than 97%, the tags promoted during the week were #LasSancionesSonContraElPueblo, #CeseALasSanciones, #CarnavalesFelices2023 #CarnavalesSeguros2023, #ADisfrutarElCarnaval.

Most of the tags promoted by the Government Entities were related to the military promotion of the country and 58% of the tweets came from inorganic accounts. Some of the tags positioned were #InvictaFANB, #GNBGarantíaDePazYSoberanía, #InvictaFANB, #GNBGarantíaDePazYSoberanía and #GNBGuardianesDeLaPatria.

Where to see the other trends?

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