Civil society positions the hashtag #SinLuz (“WithoutLight”) in a sea of pro-Chávez trends

Civil society positions the hashtag #SinLuz (“WithoutLight”) in a sea of pro-Chávez trends

Published on 08 Mar 2023

PoliTwitter Venezuela from February 27 to March 5, 2023

  • 30 socio-political trends were positioned on Twitter in Venezuela totaling around 12,464,084 tweets.

  • Civil society and the opposition once again positioned trends; however, the ruling party generated 98.22% of the week’s messages in 22 tags.

As usual, the conversation on Twitter last week was dominated by the main organ for the dissemination of pro-government propaganda in Venezuela, the Ministry of Communication and Information (MIPPCI), through tags inorganically promoted by possible bots and pro-Chávez troops. However, the opposition and civil society managed to position again some trends with messages, mostly by real users.

In recent months at ProBox we have noticed that civil society promotes its demands through Twitter hashtags when the issue involves a serious failure in public services or a voice of protest for salary improvements. This week, a widespread failure of the electrical system over the weekend made citizens find in Twitter a space to raise their voice.

We tell you what happened

During the afternoon of Sunday, March 5, through Twitter, citizens reported power outages in several states of the country; mainly in Caracas. Aragua, Vargas, Carabobo, Falcón, Miranda and Táchira.

At ProBox we recorded that the social protest hashtag #SinLuz was positioned on Twitter with 97.91% of its messages made by real users.

That same day, the MIPPCI positioned tags referring to the 10 years since the death of Hugo Chávez while a public event was held at the Teresa Carreño with Latin American leaders and former leaders. Unlike the tag promoted as a form of protest, the tags promoted by Chavism had a high rate of messages made in a coordinated and inauthentic way (“troops”) or with the use of possible automated accounts (bots).

The main hashtag promoted by the MIPPCI, #YoSoyChávez, also managed to trend in Cuba and Nicaragua registering an average of at least 94.70% of its messages made inorganically. Likewise, a trend promoted by the Cuban regime, #ChavezVive, managed to position itself in Venezuela and Nicaragua with at least 73.78% of its tweets made by “twitter troops”.

4 years after the blackout: reports of failures continue

This Tuesday, March 7, marks the fourth anniversary of the first national blackout that left the entire country without electricity service for at least five days. Contrary to what Maduro’s government says, the electricity crisis in Venezuela is not over yet. It is enough to look at the reports on networks about service failures in different areas of the country to get an idea of the current situation of the national electricity industry.

ProBox data shows that in 2022 the hashtag #SinLuz was positioned at least 17 times as a trend on Twitter to denounce service deficiencies. In fact, this was the second most repeated hashtag in the Venezuelan conversation of the year.

Where to see the other trends?

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