Independent media and NGOs launch #LupaElectoral campaign against disinformation

Independent media and NGOs launch #LupaElectoral campaign against disinformation

Published on 30 Nov 2023

In election times, false and erroneous information multiplies in the digital world

Venezuela ends 2023 involved in different types of elections: the opposition primaries, the government’s disregard of the elections and the controversial consultation on the Essequibo. These events provoked a boom of false news and disinformation in different spaces, mainly on social media. The campaigns coordinated and carried out with the purpose of imposing a narrative have made more notorious the lack of tools that citizens and media have at their disposal to combat this massive propaganda operation deployed by Chavismo in the last weeks.


According to the United Nations Development Program, in electoral contexts, false content, misinformation and campaigns to misrepresent public opinion are tripled. In the digital era, this happens much faster, as most citizens are exposed to a large amount of content on a daily basis and, in the Venezuelan case, in locations where access to the web fails traditional media follow the line of the State or self-censor to avoid ending up on the list of more than 400 closed media in the country according to Espacio Público.


Considering this scenario and the fact that Venezuela’s presidential elections are scheduled for 2024, ProBox together with the independent media RunRunes, Diario TalCual, El Pitazo, and the organizations Medianálisis, Redes Ayuda and EsPaja present the #LupaElectoral (#ElectoralMagnifier).


This will be an informative, educational and denunciation campaign that will be developed during the next months in order to combat the increase of false news around the electoral context and explain the panorama in a simple way; providing citizens with the necessary tools to better understand the information they see online, how disinformation and digital propaganda works, the new tactics that have been seen in the country to manipulate or influence the construction of public opinion and the reality that citizens live, beyond political speeches.


Faced with the challenge of elections in a context such as Venezuela’s, where disinformation spreads like a digital virus the #LupaElectoral will help citizen empowerment in the face of the lack of access to verified information and the limitations of its scope, remembering that in the information age, education is the best defense against manipulation.


In the hashtag “#LupaElectoral” on social media platforms and in the accounts of ProBox, RunRunes, Tal Cual, El Pitazo, Medianálisis, Redes Ayuda and EsPaja; the content of the campaign will be available.

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