These are the main investigations we conduct according to the needs of the Observatory and our audiences

Due to our monitoring and analysis of the conversation, we are able to bring relevant information and results to our allies and Twitter users.

  • PoliTwitter

    We gather the most relevant news and trends of each week on Twitter Venezuela, comparing which events were real and which were manipulated by possible automated accounts. If you want to receive our weekly report, click below!

  • Monthly Reports

    Analysis of the Venezuela’s digital sociopolitical conversation on a monthly basis

    Compiling our most relevant findings, tracking the behavior of the actors, how real was the conversation of the month on Twitter and the contrast with the political and social events occurring in the country.

  • Quarterly reports

    We analyze the behavior of the main actors of the digital conversation on a quarterly basis

    To have a better understanding of their evolution during the year, their main narratives and a general balance of the behavior of the activity on Twitter.

  • Annual Report

    We carried out a complete investigation of the behavior of digital conversation during the year

    With the most relevant milestones at the news level and within the digital conversation. This allows us to better understand the behavior of each actor and to be able to analyze the themes and narratives that stood out during the year.

  • Specific research

    Due to our daily monitoring and analysis of the conversation on Twitter, we develop research on specific topics within the network

    Allowing us to have better detail and track specific events that have an impact on the conversation. These investigations also arise from initiatives with our partners who want to better understand the digital space or a detailed study of a specific hashtag.

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